SCM was founded in 1983 with the goal to provide exceptional Hardware and Software products together with incomparable service. Over the last thirty five years SCM has delivered hardware and software for many industries across many technologies.

Formed in 1983, SCM’s goal is to provide exceptional hardware and software products for a wide range of industries, across many technologies. We also aim to provide our clients with incomparable customer service, and for over 35 years we have done just that.

SCM excels in system level design, and utilizes embedded processors and high-end signal and data processing integrated controllers. In addition, we also have a core competency in system, hardware and software development.

We provide software engineering (Java, Microsoft, C, C++, etc.), application architecture, web design & development, middleware development, systems analysis, project management, program management, and quality assurance testing, in addition to many other skills and tools related to application software development. SCM also has expertise in enterprise architecture, ETL, technical writing, helpdesk, CRM, ERP, network administration, UNIX & Microsoft systems administration to name just a few additional areas of the Company’s technical resources.

Emergency Services 
Police, Fire and EMS




Military Surveillance,
Guidance and Control

Conferences and Meetings

Air Traffic Control

Consumer Products

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